Sexy Wife

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Thanks for the comment and vote love. We will try and stay on top of the replies to the comments from now on. Haha @topdog1964: Thanks for saying so. @6270gd: You are so sweet! Thanks. @NeedsAttention: Well I am glad that you would make me a fav! @terrleejack: hehe. Thanks! @tgd22: Wow, thanks for the compliment. @ukjon: Well thanks so much for the kind words. But both my holes are quite well serviced. LOL @luvtowatchyou: Awww, that is such a great compliment. Thanks for the love for me and the picture taking abilities of the Mr. @Tigueron: Thanks! Your so kind. @mysterymanco: You are quite welcome. Thanks for the love. @axej: You are such a sweetheart! @MisterEight: hehe, you rock! @j46s44: Thanks so much. Glad you like it! @easyrider: Thanks! @sexluvlust: It does get grabbed and groped quite a bit. And that's just in our house. Hehe @cockman9999: Everyone seems to want to do that. It's big, so you better have your chapstick ready. LOL @perry69: thanks so much. @BigBeary: One can always dream. Hehe @onlyonestiffy: What a cool compliment. Thanks so much! ~Ms. Twice~ My God.That sexy panty over the fishnets.How your as slooks.Oh man. I can only fantasize what it must be like to take you out anywhere and have you on my arm knowing what you look like naked, what you enjoy sexually and what is underneath your clothes. The sexy lingerie just drives me fucking nuts. There's something really sexy about this pic. Since you're in it, that obviously goes without saying.;).But I really like the curves, lines, fishnets etc. There's a lot going on. Oh man, what a great ass.I'd love to massage and grope that ass for hours.Before I even thought about where to put my cock. Amazing body shape, beautyful blonde hair over shoulders.What could be more sexy?